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Kate Carmichael

At Cinch, we love everything about communications. Our passion is helping organisations utilise digital tools to better connect with their customers.

Today’s customers want to be able to access your business via the Internet, and we can help you develop a communications strategy that meets customer needs, and improves business performance.

We can help with content creation (writing copy, producing images/videos) to make sure your website has information that grabs attention, highlights your products and services, and enhances your reputation.

Whether you’re accomplished at social networking or just a beginner that isn’t sure where to start, we can help you drive more traffic by accessing the vast audience on social media. Social statistics show that there are enormous opportunities to reach more (and more and more) people via social media. 

Cinch Digital was founded by Kate Carmichael, who has been working in communications for 20 years, and remains fascinated by the Internet. She has developed and delivered strategies for marketing campaigns (print and digital), website redevelopment, social networking sites, crowdfunding campaigns, as well as producing videos and delivering training on various software programs and social media. Kate understands the importance of the Internet and loves working with organisations to implement strategies that will transform a business. 


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